Home Xbox Forum where can i buy an xbox 360 for cheap?

where can i buy an xbox 360 for cheap?


the old xbox not the new

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  1. I would recommend amazon or eBay. I will tell you right now don’t even put the idea of craigslist in your head. Everyone on there is cheap and greedy and in the end you will end up with a shitty xbox that does not work. So just keep an eye out on eBay or amazon. If you don’t have a paypal or your parents won’t buy you one or whatever I don’t know your age but you could go check out walmart or Gamestop or maybe even pawn America (not recommended) but look around and compare prices and qualities.

  2. Amazon has pretty good prices. I doubt you’ll be able to get a Slim for anything less than $200 anywhere.

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    The cheapest thing is an Arcade. Since they aren’t manufactured anymore, they’ll be hard to find, but they are cheap.

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