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A COD4 Online question (expert help needed)?


Ok so i have has a Playstation 3 since the summer and i play Call of Duty 4 loads and i think i have played it for 5 days on the barracks and i have really enjoyed it. I have super speedy internet an can watch videos on youtube really easily but lately i have had problems getting online on cod4. When i find a game i am always host and nobody comes and when my m8 invites me to his game i get bad lag even though they live 2 blocks away from me. Maybe the fault is that i bought a new laptop and my sister is always on but even when she is not on COD4 going crazy. Before when i had slow internet it worked fine. What can i do if the connection is bad yet thhe internet is fast and this all started around 3 weeks ago and i havent played it since i need help and also this happens on my cod5 game too but i need a way to make it work. Please give me appropriate detailed answers and if you want more info e-mail me at [email is not allowed] or [email is not allowed].

Thanks and Happy New Year

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  1. i dont think its your internet its the others sometimes when i play with people from japan or other far away countries far away from the U.S. it always lags and its there fault and there is nothin you can do other then leave there game and go into another 1

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