Home Playstation Forum about the playstation vita’s memory card?

about the playstation vita’s memory card?


i want to get an 8gb memory card for the vita but im confused on how much it can hold?

they say it can hold 2-4 full vita games but i don’t know whether they mean games downloaded from the PSN or hard copy game’s save files?

any info would be appreciated!

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  1. Games downloaded from psn store, so like if you planning to buy games from psn store i would suggest a bigger memory card. But if you planning to buy physical retail copies of the game then no problem with the 8gb, u can download minis, psp games and escape plan and the 8gb can hold all these games just make sure you leave enough spaces for updates.

    I have a 8gb memory card & I have wipeout, escape plan, 3 demos, a few minis, 4 music videos, pictures, facebook, twitter apps all downloaded on the 8gb memory card and there is still loads of room

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