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Another PS3 Problem?



So i want to be sure, I want to know how can i transfer saved data from the PS2 onto the PS3.

Like the ps2 memory how can i transfer it to my PS3

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  1. PS2 memory cards and game saves

    After purchasing the USB drive needed, go to Memory Card Utility (under the Game folder). Then you select the memory card you have already put in (PS ONE CARDS DO WORK!) the card should appear as the top icon in the list. Simply click X and your on your way. After copying the card, you will need to assign it a slot. (there are still only two slots.) you can changeout the slots for different memory cards to load your game, for example if you have five memory cards you can put a PS2 one you are about to use and a another one you may use later in slots one and two.

    PS3 game saves from the internet or another ps3

    When you put the usb drive in , and goto saved game data- then it should show the usb drive- highlight usb drive press X – then Highlight the game save you want to copy to the ps3 and press Triangle. – Select Copy.-

    Your Jump drive File structure Should look Like this for Game Saves to be recognized-

    * PS3 (Case sensitive folder name)

    * inside PS3 Folder there should be a folder Called SAVEDATA

    * Within the SAVEDATA folder there should be Folders Called (blu.)

  2. You need a memory card adapter to put your memory card saves form your PS2 to your PS3.

    [url is not allowed].

  3. get the usb memory card adapter for $15 so u can save the ps2 files to the ps3 hd. u could return the adaptor to the store cuz u wont need it again.

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