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Anyone Have Any Good Xbox Live Gamertag Suggestions?


Ok, I’m a guy and I’m open to any suggestions. I only need the main name because I’ll and any extra numbers, x’s, or anything else. Best idea gets best answer and. Any names is good as long as it doesnt have anything to do with like pony’s and stuff haha, so give me all of your suggestions!!

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  1. A gamertag can be 18 characters, I believe.

    Cursed Beef

    The Dreaded Hobo

    Nip n Dip

    Thee Fall of All

    Blade Hoarder

    In Unison

    Unwound Sound

    Ye Ole Casserole

    I like the unique, kind of odd ones, since they’re memorable and humorous. Something like

    Xx NinjaAssassinB3astly8 xX or something like that is kind of bland and tons of people have names like that. So I would suggest keeping it simple without numbers or x’s if it’s possible.

  2. 3DGlasses

    DudeGuy(number ending in 5)


    JebTheFarmer(or any silly job)

    Just a few off the top of my head.

  3. Coldbloodedboy. or something. I don’t know but maybe something that incorporates your name. My friend got his gametag Unchained which is pretty sweet. So check the suggestions.

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