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Arctic silver thermal compound Xbox 360 problem?


I got the E74 error and found that cleaning the gpu of the old thermal compound and replacing it with the arctic silver compound works.

However, I find that after a few hours of gaming the silver compound melts and spreads away from the center of the gpu and no longer makes contact with the heatsink.

1. what am I doing wrong, as it seems that others don’t have this problem?

2. Should I replace the x clamps with screws, because i feel that the repeated process of removing the x clamps has made them too loose and therefore making it harder for the gpu–>compound–>heatsink connection to occur?

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  1. based on what I am reading on the manufacturers webpage the Artic Silver 5 is good to 180 degrees C. If as you state the thermal compound is running then one of a few conditions might apply.

    1. The GPU is reaching over 180 C which is not good at all and it sounds like you are quickly headed toward replacement.

    2. The compound you received is past its expiration date and is not any good because of this in which case purchase new product.

    3. There is another compound that is just called artic silver and you need to purchase this better product Artic Silver 5 but I could not validate that on their website and I am assuming you have Artic Silver 5

    4. You are not getting enough of the previous compound off the GPU before applying the new stuff.

    I would not think that the heatsink “tightness” would affect the compound i.e. making it run.

    A few suggestion hope they are useful. Good Luck

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