Home Xbox Forum Are they going to stop making xbox 360 games?.xbox one?

Are they going to stop making xbox 360 games?.xbox one?


The xbox one is coming out so i was wondering when that comes out will xbox one be the new console and they wont be releasing anymore games on the xbox 360? If so then there will be no point in pre ordering gta v for xbox 360. Thats why im asking. Thanks!!

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  1. They’ll keep making games til at least 2015. You can ONLY get GTA V on PS3 & XBOX 360 as it will NOT be on ANY next-gen platforms,so you might want to pre-order it.

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  3. Well it’s hard to tell, because the original Xbox was completely forgot about once the 360 came out. But I think the 360 did so well that they will be making games for it at least until 2015. The graphics aren’t going to be up to par anymore to make room for everything the ps4 and one can produce, so yes they will keep making games, will they be any good? We will have to wait to find out.

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