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Battlefield 3 hackers on Xbox 360?


I was thinking about getting BF3 a while ago, but I decided against it because of the reported hackers. I just want to know if hackers are a problem on this. I hate entering a match and meeting hackers. Thanks for your response 🙂

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  1. Battlefield 3 is played on dedicated servers, so it is impossible for amature ‘hackers’ to cause mischief there. A real hacker would have no reason to waste his time ‘hacking’ dedicated servers as there is no money to be made doing it.

  2. Theres no hackers on BF3 non and plus its xbox 360 there are no hackers!!

    I have BF3 and its amazing! Get it if ur into high tech war games!

  3. you cant stop super class A hackers, there everywhere, so get battlefield 3, and do me a favor.

    drive a jeep onto a jet, then get a friend to get in the jet and take off, thats right. a jet that cana launch a jeep! please try it

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