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Black Ops map pack not working for PS3?


I bought the map pack before the hacking and stuff and during that my little account thing was deleted, not PSN, but you know. I can’t get it back because the email to that doesn’t exists anymore, I don’t really care about that but when I made my new PSN account it won’t let me go on the map pack or redownload it. What should I do?

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  1. You will have to get into your original account you downloaded it on to get the map pack but you have to wait until the PSN store is back up. Either that or buy it again.

  2. Ever sence the ppl hack PS3 it wont let you get add ons like map pack until the hacking is gone and that might take like 1 to 2 weeks so i would just forget it and PS3 got HACKED again!! and they hacked every account even new ones

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