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Black ops ps3 clan! Recruiting!?


I am recruiting ppl for my clan. The clan tag is M3RX. We play S&D and demolition. Requirements: 2nd prestige or higher

KDR over 1.5

have 2 different classes 4 search one camping and one rushing

I am the leader psn: turbokidz

If my friends list is full snd me a msg.

Stuff bout me favorite weapon: ak74u

lvl: 9th prestige lvl 24

kdr: 1.55

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  1. Word of advice.

    Please don’t put a KDR requirement that you barely pass.

    This wasn’t meant to debunk your stats, but in my clan my KDR is 1.74, It has been going down recently because after 15th prestige i stopped caring.

    But in my clan i have people with a 2.5 kdr, and even 1.2.

    We don’t care if we win or lose, we just have fun.

    We have had well over 50+ winstreaks.

    Just have fun.

    Oh, and highly prefer people with mics.

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