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Buy the US version of the PS4 in UK?


Since the PS4 is region free, will I be able to buy the US version of the PS4 which is 399 dollars which equals to about 254 british pounds, which will save me around 100 pounds?

Would it work?

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  1. Yeah,why not?You won’t have to worry about region lock.But be warned.Read this and you will know why I am saying this:I am a American descendent of an Indian family and I am living in US and since my whole family was going to Canada for a holiday,I decided to get a PS3 from there as the Canadian dollar is a bit cheaper,but then I searched online and I found out that a PS3 bought from Canada’s warranty does apply in US and so I brought my PS3 from US itself.So you may make a mistake and if something really bad happens to your PS4 you will not be able to claim its warranty.So the choice is on you now:If you are careful handler and usually don’t mess up gadgets get a PS4 from US and if you are not careful I would recommend getting a PS4 from UK.Start saving from now and it will help u a lot.

    Hope this helped.Plz choose as Best Answer.

  2. Yes. If you live in the UK you can purchase the US version without having to worry about region locked. PS4 will not be region locked.

  3. Sony don’t like people importing consoles, so you may find it hard to find a seller willing to export to the UK.

    The cost difference isn’t quite as large as it seems. First, there’s no tax on the US price so you may get hit with VAT when it gets here (an extra 20% – £60).

    Then add in the cost of delivery and you may end up paying more.

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