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Buying a PS3?


I need to know which model to get. I understand that the 40GB doesnt have backwards compatibility, but i still have my ps2 and have no problem unplugging some jacks if i wanna play ps2 instead of ps3.

Is there any other differences? I want the cheapest of course, but not if it means missing out on the Sony Experience<3 thanksthanksthanks

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  1. I’d wait a little bit. right now you can only get the 40gb version. If you wait till June they are going to release the metal gear bundle which has the 80gb system, metal gear, and the new dual shock controller, all at the price of the 80gb system.

  2. if u hav a ps2, buy a 40gig, cuz the only other thing the 40gig doesnt have is 4 usb slots, instead it has 2

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