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Buying xbox 360?


What type(pro,arcade,etc.)(used or new) Xbox live(Wireless Connection,mic:wireless or not) controllers(wireless or not)


i have about 300 to spend.so please help!

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  1. Well for 300 you won’t get much. You’ll probably only be able to afford an arcade version which is really the worst thing to do because you have to buy memory cards and stuff for that version. I have a pro console because I bought it before the Elite came out. The Wireless connection for Xbox Live is about 100 bucks by itself, so I’d stick with just a wired connection to your modem, plus it’s faster that way and doesn’t cause a lag. If you buy a Pro or Elite console you get a wireless controller with it, but I’m not sure if you get a wired one with the Arcade version or not. But like I said, for 300 you’ll probably be stuck getting the Arcade.I’d just wait and save up more for a Pro if I were you.

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