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Can a playstation 3 run safely on a carpet or does it have to cool like a laptop on a smooth surface?


Do Playstation 3s have fans that need to vent out the bottom like most laptops, rendering it unsafe to leave it running on a carpet?

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  1. The PS3 can heat up, which mine does. However, mine’s in an entertainment system, so when the door is closed it can’t vent. Mine also has backwards compatibility, so that might make it get hotter than one without. Also, playtime is an obvious factor. If you play for 5 hours it might get hot. Overall, it has a fan and is designed not to get too hot, so if it’s not in an enclosed space and has enough room to breathe, it should be fine whether on carpet or a smooth surface. The Playstation 3 also gives a warning if the system is getting too hot, so you can know if you have to move it or something.

  2. ummm i have used my ps3 on the carpet before for a long time and nothing happened.

    i believe it has a built in cooler

  3. I remember when I first got mine, I kept it on a pillow for a while since I didn’t have enough room. And I mean I played for multiple upon multiple hours straight. It’d get hot but I personally didn’t see a problem.

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