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Can anyone Who uses Windows Media Center on Their Xbox 360 help Me?


What I have at My disposal:

Xbox 360 Which is connected to Xbox LIVE

Windows Vista Home Premium Laptop

D – Link wireless connector (from My little Brother’s XP computer)

MTA / Modem

D – Link Wireless Router

The problem:

I’ve tried to connect My 360 just as it said but while My laptop was searching for My 360, which has The D – link wireless connector plugged in, it couldn’t find it, and My question is,

Do I have to use the official Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter, or can I use the D – link connector that I have?

As a third option, are there any substitute connectors that are compatible with the Xbox 360?

Finally, How should I have it all set up?

Any clarification will help, thanks.

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  1. try connecting your xbox to your router using ehternet cables if that doesnt work then i dont know what to tell you.

  2. If you are connected to XBOX Live. You should be able to connect to a laptop that is connected to your router.

    Just do the connection again. And it should work.

    That is only if you have your Live connection.

    Update: It does work with Vista. As I have mine hooked up to my Vista Computer.

  3. stupid xbox support told me it doesnt work with vista or some crap, I duno I tryed for like a whole week and then they told me that so I gave up

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