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Can I move a playstation file from one ps3 to another?


So I was just wondering if I could move my playstation file from my brothers ps3 to my new one that I just bought so I wouldn’t have to restart any of my story modes?

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  1. If you are talking about game saves then it’s possible as long as you have your own psn account and signed into it recently to synch trophies.

    Game saves are locked to the user account that created the save file so you must have a psn account to verify you own the save file if you copy it to another ps3 or to use online storage with a playstation plus account.

    Some saves are locked and can’t be copies except via playstation plus online storage so you’ll need to check if the game has a locked save or not , if it’s locked you will need to buy a psn plus membership , upload your save(s) and then sign into the account on the new ps3 to download the save.

    If it’s not locked you can plug in a flash drive to the ps3 , sign into your account and copy the save to the flash drive , you’ll want to deactivate the account from the original ps3 to use it on your new one unless you want to keep them both active ( you get to activate it twice only ) , to deactivate the account sign in and click on account management then find the activation menu and deactivate the console for games ( when your brother signs in he will activate his account and that will be the only one associated with that ps3 )

    Now. if you’ve got your save file copied you will need to sign in on the new ps3 , start the game so it updates then quit so the save file will be for the right version of the game then copy the save from the flash drive , overwrite any save created when you started the game and updated it , you are not good to go.

    If you do not have your own account this process is not going to work , the saves will be owned by the other account and you will not be able to use the save file , if you try loading the save it will give a message that this save is owned by another user and cannot be loaded and you may also be locked out of trophies for that game permanently so do not try copying a save if you do not have your own user and account on your brothers console.

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