Home Playstation Forum can i put ps3 data from games on the ps4.?

can i put ps3 data from games on the ps4.?


I’m thinking about getting a ps4 but I won’t to know if I get PlayStation plus on my ps3 and save the data online can I just get the ps4 a game and all my data will be on my account.if not I would love to know how to do that.

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  1. no , the ps3 can’t play ps3 games so the saves are of no use if the games can’t be played on a ps4.

    all you will get are your trophies and friends , any ps3 content stays in your downloads list but can not be downloaded to a ps4 and the game data is just the install and updates for your games so it is for the ps3 only as well

    you cna upload your saves to online storage but they are only good if you have a ps3 or rent a ps3 game using psnow , this lets you download the save from the online storage and play the ps3 game you rented then uploads the save to online storage again , it won’t save to the ps4 itself

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