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Can I set up a media server on my PS3 but not buy using Windows Media Player?


For some reason I can’t download WMP11 so is it possible for me to configure sharing on a program like Picasa2/iTunes etc.? How?

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  1. I believe the media server is part of the 1.8 update Ps3 is now on update 1.9. Once you update you hook up the ps3 to your pc via the ethernet and run network setup on the pc. Once that is down the ps3 should find your files and access them. After you run the update you’ll see a media server Icon under each option–Video –Music etc.

  2. yes! get TVersity it is free and the best media server

    there are others like Twonky media server and Nero Home, ive tried them all. twonky costs $$$ but it is the easiest to install

    TVersity is the best though. it translates videos to work on ps3 so any video or music type will work!

    make sure that UPnP is enabled on your router and on ur pc. if not go to the help and FAQ on TVersity.com

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