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can i swap my rrod xbox 360 RF board with the broken RF board in my new one?


ok i have a 360 that has rrod and a 360 that has a broken RF board where it wont synic my contollers can i take the RF board out of the rrod 360 and replace it with the broken RF board in my other 360
but i dont want to here aabout the rrod fix i want to here is it possable to swap the RF bords

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  1. You don’t need to do that. The Xbox 360 with the rrod can be fixed very easily.

    For a cheap $30 fix you can have a reliable Xbox that can be up and running in about an hour.

    There is a design flaw in the Xbox 360 which causes it to overheat because it is not being cooled properly. The thermal paste on the processor chip may have dried up because of the excessive heat.The excessive heat could also cause the motherboard to flex causing a problem with the contacts.

    What you need is a permanent fix, not a patch job. No don’t wrap a towel around it and overheat it more. This will only cause more problems.

    I found excellent results at the site mentioned in the source box.

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