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Can I use my laptop as a keyboard to type on Playstation Network?


Is there someway I could wirelessly connect my laptop to my PS3 and use it as a keyboard to type in chats and messages?

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  1. No you can’t.

    The keyboard on your laptop can not be outputted onto the PS3.

    You can pick up a really cheap keyboard in a store or online and use that instead.

    If you find the standard keyboard really awkward to use, then you use get the Official PlayStation 3 Wireless Keypad. Its a tiny keyboard that you hook up to your PS3 controller. It doesnt get in the way. I use it all the time.

    The rechargeable battery lasts a good while.

  2. No that will not work so buy a cheap usb keyboard and use that or you can get the official bluetooth keypad which you can mount on top of the controller.

  3. nope you can however buy a wireless keyboard with a USB and connect it to one of the PS3’s USB connectors and you will be able to use a wireless keyboard but you can’t make a laptop keyboard work with the PS3

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