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Can I watch DVDs on my Xbox one when it just comes out the box (without wifi) or do I need to have Xbox live or anything? Thanks?



  1. You do need to connect the console to the Internet just once so that it can download the initial updates that allow it to work. You don’t need to pay for Gold to do this.

    After the day-one update, you can play DVDs (or whatever else) offline all you want.

  2. My cousin bought the One almost 2 years ago, and we had to install the Day One update, plus to play movies, you have to download the app (I forget the name, but the Xbox will tell you that it needs it). To download the app, you need to use a Microsoft account, which if you have an Outlook/Hotmail account, you can use that. If not, you’ll need to make one.

    To install the update, you have to connect your Xbox to the Internet, either through Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection.

    I don’t know if the newer Ones still need to have this update done, but plan on doing so.

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