Home Playstation Forum Can someone tell me how to fix my PS3?

Can someone tell me how to fix my PS3?


I just got it in February, it was working fine until April. It won’t play games/Blu-ray/DVDs. I can only download and play demos and watch Netflix. I have tried using the recovery menu numerous times, but nothing happens. The disc icon does not show up but the little clock at the top of the screen is moving and it sounds like the game is loading. I don’t want to send it to Sony because it’s expensive. If someone can tell me another way to fix it, it would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. You got a dead Blu-ray drive. If you have the guts buy a new drive and replace it yourself. Or take it to a shop.

  2. Grab a hammer and hit yourself in the head. After that hit the ps3 3 times and say u now work and hit it one last time really hard

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