Home Playstation Forum can u tell me all the good things about the ps3?

can u tell me all the good things about the ps3?


i think i might get one im not too sure about it though can u plzz tell me all the pros and cons
i already have the wii and xbox360 my GT:X360DAWGZ
Update 2:
yeah can u tell whats better

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  1. no more memory cards and the controllers are wireless. a friend of mine has one, i thought it was pretty cool.

  2. Really heather. thats hillarious 😀

    People who say PS3’s are ‘trash’ don’t know the actual specs (or decide to claim that more computing power has absolutely no effect on abilities & performance :)!

    Here’s un biased comparison (im an IT student):

    PS3’s have MUCH more power & Graphics (in fact, only about 30% of Ps3’s resources have been tapped into vs 95% system resourses used by 360 in latest games.) Free online, and more features. the PS3 has every feature of the 360 but they are more advanced plus it has more. PS3 seems more expensive at first, but after adding all the things you need on a 360 they come to around the same price!

    PS3 not only plays Blu-rays but it up scales regular DVD’s to high Definition!

    You can talk to your teamates on a PS3! some games even come with a bluetooth head set that you can use on any blutooth device not Only a PS3

    PS3 controllers not only vibrate but they are motion sensored as well so the controller becomes an extension of your body, 360 may have more exclusives( fiction) but its exclusives are crap! Halo cannot compare with Metal Gear Solid 4!

    Online gaming is free and it has built in wireless, you can also link it to your computer through WiFi and view all your videos, music and pictures. you DON’T need to have a Windows Media Centre PC like for the 360!

    you can download Linix and use it as a computer and play PC games!

    360 dashboard sucks! it has nowhere near the Elegance f the PS3 XMB

    PS3 comes with a 40, 60, 80 or 160GB hard drive, you can also expand it at any time with an ordinary laptop hard drive it can take as much as you want it to!

    Graphics PS3 displays 54BILLION polygons per second 360 only displays 9BILLION!

    PS3 has 9 Processors at 3.2Ghz each with its INDIVIDUAL high speed cache

    360 has ONE 3ghz processor divided into three cores with a shared cache!

    PS3 has dedicated Video ram runs at 3.2ghz!

    360 has no dedicated video ram.ram is shared with its system and runs at 500mhz (0.5ghz!)

    PS3 Not only Displays (everything including GAMES) in 1080P high defiition and outputs sound in Dolby True HD (7.1 surround sound!) 360 only 1080i(half 1080P) and standard dolby digital 5.1. ALL 360 games output in 720p or less! theoretically the elite can output 1080p via an update but without HD optical format (HDDVD dead!) this is just a marketing gimic

    And finally PS3 games are on dual layer Blu-Ray disks(50GB)

    360 games are on dual layer DVD’s (8GB)

    so from this ACTUAL comparison of specs the choice is obvious

    Sony is losing about ~$200 per console.why? Because the PS3 represents many years of R&D and highly advanced hardware thats years ahed of its time.over time, sony will break-even with these fixed costs.this is GREAT for the consumer who is getting such an advanced piece of technology.( in contrast, the abismal 33%+ RROD failure rate of 360’s is a testement to its fine workmanship). BTW ps3 sales have now “eclipsed 360 sales in most major markets” (see SMH)!

  3. i havent heard very good things about it, i dont have it, so i dont have any experience with it though. But, i just havent heard good things about it. get the wii or the xbox 360.

  4. All that stuff is nice BIG T, but I bought a PS3 to play games, not because it has good RAM or is powerful. Because lets be honest, most games on the PS3 and 360 have about the same graphics. Besides, the graphics are good enough as they are. All that stuff you said isn’t unbiased either, you are just a fanboy who got angry when someone insulted the PS3

  5. It’s probably the best bluray player available right now, Sony allows you to install Linux as a second OS on it, Sony is excellent with firmware updates, nice graphics, Metal Gear Solid 4!

  6. I have to laugh at Heathers answer. It’s a great gaming machine, with a lower failure rate than any of the other consoles. You can play online, chat with friends, browse the web, download demos, game videos and updates for free- there’s no charge for the PlayStation Network. You can also buy or rent movies and TV shows. You can stream all your media from your pc to the PS3.You can even help study serious disease with Life with PlayStation. You can connect wirelessly without buying additional hardware. There’s a built in Bluray player. The downside? It’s more expensive than the other consoles. But when you look at what you get, it’s actually a better deal than buying everything seperately. For what it’s worth, I have all three consoles and my PS3 is the only one not collecting dust.

  7. 1. The PS3 has blu-ray giving the games 50gb worth of graphics and detail where as a 360s games only have 5gb(dvd format).

    2. The PS3 is updates will rock your wold with there online functions and Playstation downloadable content.

    3.Everybody online is nice and dont bite!!

    4.The controllers have blutooth between the console(meaning there wireless), also they have 6 axis(which means your controller can be like a stearing wheel for racing games).

    5.Online is free unlike 360s £50 fee for online plus PSN(playstation network) is alot better even what the 360 fanboys tell you.

    6.The PS3 is now affordable for enybody from £299.99 which some packages give 3 games and a blu-ray movie, thats what i got.

    7.If you do get a PS3 play alot of games and you will maybe get invited into a clan or a friend.

    8.Have fun!

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