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Can you need help me choose a budget gaming headset?


So I play games on my PS3 alot. Like 8+ hours at a time. And I need a headset that can be comfortable for that kind of play time and for a budget, too. I would also rather not get a bluetooth headset; I feel like I would rather have a wired headset with better sound quality than one of those one-eared bluetooths.

By budget pair I mean around 50-60$, and so far, I have found that either the Turtle Beach Ear Force P11s or the Ear Force PX21s would be my best bet. I can’t decide between the two, though. Which should I get? And do you know of any other headsets that I could look at for around the same price range?

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  1. Turtle beaches, for sure. They’re the more popular company and their headsets are awesome. I don’t see why you wouldn’t want a wireless bluetooth one though. Plus since you’re playing that long you should just get the one eared official ps3’headset. Wouldn’t want to get deaf bro. It may seem like you can’t see a difference but you will see once your older,’around like mid 20’s.

  2. “The P21 gives PS3 gamers privacy, realism, and a competitive edge at an affordable price.” says Peter Ronick, Turtle Beach Director of Marketing. “By combining game sound with PSN online chat, PS3 gamers can now enjoy the same immersive gaming experience XBOX 360 gamers have been experiencing for years with our Ear Force XBOX headsets. They can play PS3 games any time, day or night without being disturbed or disturbing others.”

  3. Go to walmart and buy a ps3 headset it cost about 50$. I bought one and it’s awesome it lasts I think about ten hours tLktime. Also it automatically syncs with the ps3. Bkmanuel69 psn name

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