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can you play ps2 games on a ps3?



  1. Yes like the Xbox 360 you can play the old fashion Xbox games on it, also for the PS1 you can still play those games unless they are copies in a PS2 so whats to stop you from playing PS2 games in a PS3 :D.

  2. Oh god. Why can’t anybody give a semi-thorough explanation? Do I have to do everything around here?

    Here’s a list of the several PS3 models released:

    [url is not allowed]

    See the column labeled ‘PS2 Compatibility’? The green ones can play PS2 games, the red ones can’t, and the white ones can but since it’s software emulation I am not too sure of their reliability.

  3. oh for god’s sake. most of these answers are WRONG! this is the way that it goes –

    backward compatibility for the PS3 with PS2 games is as follows:

    20GB (no longer in production) – yes

    60GB (no longer in production) – yes

    80GB with 4 USB slots (no longer in production, bundled with MGS4 or Motor Storm) – yes

    40GB (no longer in production) – NO

    80GB with 2 USB slots – NO

    160GB – NO

    any other up coming PS3’s – NO

    all PS3s play PS1 games.

  4. Yes, I can. But you can’t, not if you buy a new one. If you want to play ps3 games you must get a used ps3, either a:

    60gb or 20gb NTSC launch model

    60gb PAL launch model

    80gb Motor Storm bundle model

    80gb Metal Gear Solid bundle model.

    Only the 60 NTSC and 20 NTSC are 100% compatible with ps2 games. The others are about 80% compatible.

    If a ps3 has slots on the left side for SD, CF and memory stick cards, and 4 usb ports, it can play ps2 games. I think the 20 doesn’t have the memory card slots, but you’re not likely to find one anyhow, they’re rare.

    To be absolutely sure, check the wikipedia for the list of model serial numbers, and cross-reference that with the serial number of the ps3’s you look at, so you’ll be sure.

  5. Yes you can and i have an 80 gig ps3 so I don’t know what the other guys is talking about. You can even purchase ps2/ps mem card/usb ports so you can use your old saves! If you don’t have a mem card(s) don’t go out and buy one because you can create them using up space on your hard drive for ps2/ps.

  6. yes.but there are only a few last time i checked anyway.the more popular games defiantly, as for some of the weirder ones check on the PlayStation website

  7. the simplest answer is yes. but the most complicated answer is. depending on the model. you might wanna check wikipedia for the most complete listing of PS3 models and capabilities.

  8. Only if you have one of the early launch model 60GB PS3’s. If you have one of the newer 40GB or 80GB models, they do not have backwards compatability with PS2 titles, though they will play PS1 games.

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