1. Yes.

    But be warned. If you buy any games in Japan, you cannot play online (if the game requirse an online pass) or use the DLC because DLC is region locked.

    If you buy off the PS Store on your US account, you’ll be fine.

  2. Yes

    If you buy Jap versions of games when there just make a Jap psn account to buy the dlc. The store isn’t in English but its not hard to work out. You can then play that on your US account fine. Or buy your games from the US still.

  3. Yes, but movies are locked by IP. Games work just fine.

    Japanese games require Japanese DLC and a Japanese account though. It’s quite easy to make one however, and navigating the store is easy once you get the hang of it.

    Japanese PSN cards can be bought from any convenience store basically. US ones will need to be found online. Amazon.co.jp is a good choice. They have imported US games too. If you don’t have a Japanese credit card, you can pay on Amazon JP by convenience store or COD if the seller allows it. Otherwise, buy Amazon gift cards at the store and use them. American credit cards might work but you’ll get charged a fee to convert the money.

    Also, some games have English support and some don’t.

    [url is not allowed] is a site with discussion forums and a list of NTSC-J games for various systems that do or do not have English.

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