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Cant put xbox live profile on usb?


I recently put it on a usb and when i plugged it back in my xbox it said corrupted file so i turned my xbox off then on and it worked. So to make sure this didnt happen again i put my profile on hard drive but now i cant put it back on my usb because when i try it says”had

Problems performing this action” or something. Please help it is a new xbox slim

With a 230gb hardrive if that has anything to do with it

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  1. Your not supposed to be able to take the profile with you on a USB. You can however use the cloud system they recently installed and save your profile to that and retrieve it on your buddys xbox.

  2. Yes you can. I would delete the xbox partition on it then reformat it to the xbox memory format. I use mine off my flash drive all the time.

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