Home Playstation Forum cheap HDMI cables for connecting PS3 to HDTV?

cheap HDMI cables for connecting PS3 to HDTV?


i just got a new LG 50PK550 plasma tv and I want to hook up my ps3 using a HDMI cable. Which would be a good place to buy one that is compatible with my ps3. I want it at a reasonable price. Around rm50-80

I saw the monster cables at harvey norman in midvalley and they were tooooooooo expensive.

All help appreciated.

thanx in advance.

PS. I live in KL in uthant area. It would be great if u guys could find a place near by to where i live.


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  1. well you can just buy any HDMI cable they will give you the same results trust me I bought a $10 HDMI cable and it works great just go online and buy a cheap one and the only thing you’re paying for expensive HDMI cable is the brand basically because they all use the same 0’s and 1’s code

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