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connecting my iPod to my PS3?


Can I connect my iPod to my PS3 and listen to music while playing a game? If so, what is the step by step process?
* it nevermind.i’ll just see if i can figure it out

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  1. You can’t not that I know of, the ps3 won’t even know their a ipod connected so sorry! I tried to connect my ipod to it all it did was let me charge it that about it.

  2. you cant listen to the music during a game, but you can copy songs to your hard drive, though their names are not the same as they normally would be. They are renamed in some type of code when you look at the files.

    other than that you can charge your ipod

    if you rellly want to put the songs on your ps3, use flash drive, or burn the songs to a cd then put that in the ps3

  3. the playstation 3 does not read the I-pod format, so you will have to do it in some other way , if you have a 60gb ps3 , you can use a memory stick to transfer the files, but you probably dont have a 60gb. another way to do this is by using media server ( if you have wifi) you can transfer the song wirelessly to the ps3 from your pc, pm me if you have trouble or need help.

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