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Crysis 1 multiplayer on PS3?


Crysis 1 has been released on PS3 as a download on the PSN network. I really want it but someone said they took out the multiplayer in the game. So does the PS3 version have multiplayer?

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  1. Only single player.The part with flying is cut on PS3 🙁 ,but the game is made with Cryengine 3 🙂

    Crysis 2 is beautiful game,but I didn’t find anyone to play it online 🙁

  2. Crysis 2 is definitely a must-have! There isn’t any other game like this; The graphics and game play are amazing. There are flaws in this game like buggy enemies and solid to boring campaign. The multiplayer is great too; in fact its the most interesting part of the whole game. I’m giving this game a 5/5. BTW, I can’t believe that x-play gives this game 4 stars and Marvel vs Capcom 5 stars. The multiplayer in Marvel vs Capcom is laggy. Unbelievable!!

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