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Deleting XBox 360 achievements game?


I was overseas for about 6 months. Since I was gone, I left my 360 with a friend. Upon coming back, I find that he inserted a game under my profile, and hten proceeded to get me 0 points for that game, as he immediately switched to his profile. Here’s the thing: the game he inserted is not mine and is one I will surely never play. But every time I go to look at my achievement score, there that game is with a big 0 points beside it. It drives me nuts.

I can handle having 0 points with a game that I own and just don’t play (Halo 3 is the perfect example, I even have 0 points with it since I’ve not played it since buying it the first week it was out). But that game that is obviously one I’ll never play? It’s driving me nuts.

Is there a way to delete it off the list? If so, can you please tell me how to do it? Thanks.

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  1. No there isn’t a way. I’ve got a game on my list I don’t own with 0G next to it and it’s still there. Also, games that I’ve deleted from the Hard Drive still show up in my games list

  2. Unfortunatly no there isn’t i know how you feel though ive got games from the market place showinbg zero as they were demo’s

  3. Try going into your memory, find the game, and then delete everything to do with that game (gamesaves,downloads,etc) that should get rid of that big fat zero. Hope this helps 🙂

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