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Does anyone still Play Playstation 2?


As many of you may know the whole PS2 lineup was discontinued earlier this month after a long 12 years of releases and updates. PS2 is the best selling console of all time to date, and also has more video game releases than any other gaming console up to now. It was the main console I played from the time I was a young kid until now that I’m starting early adulthood. I still like the PS2 and a lot of the games but I have the feeling that its grown old and its time to move onto only current consoles.

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  1. I’ll play mine occasionaly. Only games I still play on it are LOTR: 2 tower and return of the king. Those games never get old for some reason to me.

  2. I still play the ps2. It is a great video game system and I don’t think it matters how old

    the system is as to the memories and quality of the system.


  3. I had my ps2 up to last year and then I decided to get the Xbox 360 and since I tried that I know that I will never go back, there are a load of games you can buy for Xbox 360 to and more than the ps3 so I would recommend you get a 360 most defiantly, when you try the online experience you will live it, also I’m around the same age as you,

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