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Does my PS3 now have virus/spyware?


I was searching for some pictures on google image search until I saw a really scandalous celebrity image. In a fit of curiosity, I clicked on it and it redirected me to a porn site. I quickly stopped running javascript, went back to the previous screen and deleted my history. I’m worried though, that maybe my playstation got a virus/spyware? It hasn’t been acting strange, but I’m still concerned. How do I find out? Is there any way I can run a spyware/virus check? Is there anti-spyware/anti-virus software I can get anywhere? (I update my Ps3 regularly-would I have downloaded the Trend-Micro anti-virus automatically? – I bought the playstation last month). Thanks

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  1. okay first stop watching porn on your ps3 and no it is currently IMPOSSIBLE to have a virus on your ps3 because viruses have special coding that work with certain operating systems like windows. since there are no 3rd party developers Sony doesn’t know about nothing is wrong with your ps3 and you can go download all the viruses you want and still nothing will happen

  2. 99% of viruses and adware are for windows-based PCs. PS3 uses Linux-based OS. Don’t worry, it’s all good.

  3. just being redirected won’t do that do you, so don’t worry, and also most people that do that just are freaks, not to infect you, but don’t put anything on your ps3, if it did, you ps3 would say: this website is trying to download a software, let them?

  4. take it to bestbuy, curcuit city, etc they will scan it and clean out any unwanted software for FREE.

  5. your ps3 cant have a virus. for ur ps3 to have a virus then the virus would need to be created on the same OS.

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