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Does PS3 already running on 1080p?


I have NBA 2K8 and it says on the back cover it supports 1080p output but when I checked on my HDTV (1080p) while playing, the output shows only 720p. How come?

I have the PS3 80G
How can I adjust the (resolution) settings in PS3. I dont see any 720p or 1080p options. or is it on the gameplay?

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  1. make your settings on your tv auto. and make sure your settings on the ps3 are all checkmarked. maybe that will fix the problem.(on my tv i have it on auto and it displays it)

  2. When you turn on your PS3, look in the Settings section in the Cross Menu Bar. There should be a setting to control the video output of the Playstation. In that area, you can select the output but for 1080p, you must use an HDMI connection to your tv.

  3. Make sure you have the 1080p display selected in the settings menu. I would make sure that 720p and 1080p are both selected.

  4. there is a bug. for the few games that support 1080p. you have to actually DE-SELECT 720p in the console so the ps3 forces itself to look at it’s other resolutions — 1080p.

    weird it does this but that is a known fix for 1080p native games.

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