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Does the PS3 have a overheat safety?


I was just wondering if the PS3 has a override for when it gets too hot? I was playing Killzone yesterday when mine all of a sudden shut off. I got a little freaked out so I left it there for a big because it seemed hotter than usual. It worked fine afterwards so I’m just wondering if that was supposed to happen.

BTW it’s a launch 60GB.

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  1. When the PS3 overheats, it’ll shut down and I think that you will hear 3 beeps when it shuts down.

  2. if your ps3 is not in a ventalated area, it will over heat, mine is in my tv stand and if to open the glass door, then i will hear it get louder and louder. when i open it, lots of air can get in and it never over heats no matter how long i play. so make sure yours in properly ventalated, otherwise it shouldnt overheat

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