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Fallout New Vegas wont load?


It was working perfectly fine and then sometimes when I went through a door it would black screen and I would have to restart my xbox. And now when I try to load a game the little roulette wheel just spins forever. My guide button still works though. I tried uninstalling Update #5 and re installing it, then I tried to play without it and when I loaded a game a message box would come up saying “the dlc is unavailable, some dlc items might dissapear” or something like that. Then at the loading screen the roulette ball just freezes and I have to restart my xbox. I have never had any problems with FNV like this before. PLEASE HELP! I miss my new vegas!! 🙁

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  1. Did you have the DLC on a separate storage device like a flash drive? If you don’t have that plugged in when you play some content may not be available, and depending on where you were on your last save, that could have corrupted the save. I had the game from when it first came out, and there was one game killing crash involving a quest in freeside that required you to kill someone in new vegas, or do a speech check for their hat, if you killed them and left new vegas, it would lock you out, and you couldn’t continue the main story or do any of the quests within new vegas. FNV is the single most buggy game i’ve played from Bethesda, and imo F3 was far superior to it. I hope this helps you out, but be prepared to possibly have to start over on your game, that’s what I had to do 🙁

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