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Gta4 platinum ps3 question?


Yea I got 2 trophies left for a platinum in gta4 on the ps3. The trophies are get all pigeons and 100% in the game. I have everything else I just wanna know if I work out a deal with someone using a flash drive of there’s or if someone would like to get the pigeons and get closer to 100% I’m atleast at 90% at the most. If anyone wants to help please add me psn: jdogg1122 on ps3. I needed this platinum al

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  1. You can’t just download a game saves to get trophies trying to do so will lock the trophies so it won’t work.

    Here’s a link to a trophy guide look at the endangered species trophy and it will show you the locations where the pigeons are located this really helped me when I was going for that trophy

    [url is not allowed].

  2. well i think that gta made sure that you cannot share your credit with other people once you get your trophies you cannot trophy share so you have to do it your self but there are some web sights that can help you get your 100% and find the pigions

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