Home Playstation Forum help me with my hdmi ps3 setup pls?

help me with my hdmi ps3 setup pls?


ok so the problem is when i play my ps3, it blinks the screen like i can hear the sound but i cant see anything for a good 1-5 seconds an while it is black in the background it has hdmi written on the top right side, it a symphonic tv an i have a ps3 slim, i bought a new hdmi yesterday an its a coby hdmi an it really pisses me off when it does this because it just blinks an i cant see anything, like for example last night i was playing mw2 an it blinked an i had a 10 killing streak so it made me very mad if you can help me that would be awesome, oh an by the way the hdmi is not made especially for the ps3 i think its made for watever

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  1. check your resolution settings to see if the tv and ps3 are set at the same resolution – if your ps3 is set at a higher resolution than the tv is capable of change it

    it could just be a poor cable too , coby is cheaply made in china so could have quality issues

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