Home Playstation Forum help signing up for ps3 online(plz help)?

help signing up for ps3 online(plz help)?


i’m trying 2 sign up 4 ps3 online

but everytime i try to do it, it says something while i’m in the middle of putting in my e-mail or somethin else

it says A Connection to the server could not be established

Than under it it says in parentheses (8071108)

plz can sum1 help me out plz
does that mean like connect it straight to the router because i cant because the computer is downstairs

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  1. You have to make sure you are connected to the internet first

    If you want to get on using Wired Connection (you have an ethernet cable connected either to your cable modem or connected to a router which is connected to your cable modem),

    Just go into settings, all the way down to network stettings, click on set up internet connection, and then click wired. Follow the onscreen instructions by clicking, next, next, until you click finish. You should be fine then and your ps3 will be online.

    If you want to get on using wireless, meaning you ahve a wireless router connected to your modem, then you can go a head and go into settings, network settings, set up internet connection, and click on “Wireless”. Follow the onscreen instructions by clicking next. If you have a encryption on your router, you can go ahead and type in the password so your PS3 can connect to the router.

    Click on finish to complete network set up and test the internet connection

  2. WHen setting up your account use the ethernet connection instead of teh wifi. Then once the accont is created go back to using the ethernet. THere is more info at this site but they received so many hits today that the whole server went down.the company is getting them another server to handle the volume of traffic.But try the site tomorrow if you are still having issues. [url is not allowed].

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