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Help with removing PS2 parental code?


I recently got a ps2 from my aunts friend, and i was going to watch avatar on it when a parental code thing came up.

how do i take this off? i obviously don’t know the code and i don’t personally know my aunts friend. help?

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  1. Power off your PlayStation 2, and place a DVD into the disc drive. You can reset and turn off parental controls only through the DVD menu, not within the game menu.

    Start the DVD, and wait for the message informing you that the movie is classified as beyond the “Parental Control Level” and asking if you still want to play the movie. Select “Yes,” and click “X.”

    Click “Select” on the screen that prompts you to input your password. The screen will change to the “Delete Password” menu.

    Enter 7444 as your password, and then click “X.” This is the override password and will result in the deletion of any previous passwords.

    Press “Select” to return to the password entry menu. Choose a four-digit number to enter as your new password. If you’re going to disable parental controls for good, enter 0000, as this will be the easiest to remember and enter. Repeat the entry when it asks for confirmation.

    Click “Select” when the move begins to play. Use the directional pad to select “Setup” from the menu that appears. Next choose “Parental Controls.” Change the level to “Off,” and exit the menu. Your parental controls are now turned off.

  2. all the numbers should be zero as default, unless she put in another code.I cant remember the exact reset code to reset the password but i think its 7666.im not sure i cant remember,

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