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How can I connect my ps3 to a different network?


I’m switching internet services so I have to use my neighbor’s connection for a couple weeks. I’m trying to change the network on my ps3 but it keeps failing. I’ve tried changing the network settings and internet connection settings but it’s not letting me online. What the * do I do?!
Their network isn’t private or locked, no password needed. It’s wifi and they’re literally next door (I live in a condo).

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  1. It could be the fact that you are too far away from the source of the internet. Also if it is a private network you need a password, but you probably know that. If none of that works you need to talk to your neighbor and reset his entire network

  2. Move the PS3 closer to your neighbour’s router. Check that you have their network key correct. If it does not set up automatically, you may need to set it manually. Your IP address has to be in the same range as the router e.g. 192.168.0.? The subnet mask is normally The gateway will be the address of the router e.g or similar and the DNS will be the same as the address of the router.

    I believe that some people have trouble if the router NAT is incompatible but you would have to discuss this with your neighbour.

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