Home Playstation Forum how can i let my friends but ps4?

how can i let my friends but ps4?


I´m the only one who got ps4 and all of my friends got ps3 and say ps4 is to expensive what can i do so they change their minds plz it sucks to play alone

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  1. It may just be easier for you to buy a ps3, I personally have both. This way I can play older games that are only for ps3

  2. you could buy them all a ps4 I guess but if they can’t afford a ps4 or can’t justify the cost you can’t change their minds , its not anything they think , its they don’t have the money to spend on a ps4 yet

    some people have other responsibilities , paying rent and bills , buying food , car insurance , tuition etc. and a $450 game system is just not affordable for them

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