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How can I lock my game on my ps3?


I have call of duty for ps3 but I dont want my son to play this game is there a way I could put like a passcode or something to lock it

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  1. From your PS3’s XMB go to Settings > Security Settings!

    Select [Change Password]. Follow the on-screen instructions to set the password. The password is set to [0000] by default at the time of purchase. Change the password and set your resrictions to prevent your son from palying games or viewing content you deem inappropriate for him!

    Just make sure you remember the password!

  2. You can’t lock the game.

    Assuming you have the Master account, and he has a Sub account, you would need to set the Parental Controls for the Sub Account: XMB > PlayStation Network > Account Management > Sub Account Management > Parental Controls

    You will also have to make sure not to save your password on your Master account, or your son can just go on your account and play, or go on your account and change the settings for his Sub account.

    Sub accounts can’t play M-rated games online, but can play offline (if Parental Controls are not set). If your son has a Master account (kids do this so they can play M-rated games online), there is nothing you can do to lock the game, other than hide the game so he can’t find it to play it.

  3. Just tell him that if you spot him playing that game he can`t use the ps3 for some day`s or a week, that should work very nice. But sometimes randomly go and see if he isn’t playing it.

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