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How come i cant sign up for playstation network?


i got my ps3 a few days ago. i never signed up for a playstation network. i have wireless internet for comcast. i used my WPA key to access the internet setting thing. and it said i am now able to get internet access wireless. i then succesfully clicked on sign up for playstation network. once i was on it i had the 2 options. i could either sign up for a new account or use a already used one. i clicked the new one option and immediatly it said ” error 8120710″ or something like that. i even clicked on sign up using a used account and it said the same thing. i think i got internet access but for some reason i can simply not make an account. what is happening and how do i fix this error?

p.s. i updated the internet system and it still wont work

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  1. The Playstation network could be undergoing matinenance, but if it isn’t, try going online to http://www.us.playstation.com and create your new account there. If you already have an account, it may tell you on the website that they’re doing maintenance. Otherwise, there is something that is going on that you can’t fix; it’s Sony’s tinkering around with something causing the error. I hope this helps.

  2. Playstation network is currently undergoing maintenance, you simply picked a bad time as this doesn’t happen often (once a month maybe, but maybe i just have good timing and play at the right times?).

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