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how come my xbox 360 (elite) keeps self turning off when i try to do the towel trick to fix the RROD?


i unplug the red white and yellow cords. i took off the hard drive. and i put 2 towels over the xbox turn it on. the 3 red lights start flashing. but they only stay lit for 5-10 minutes. than my xbox turns it self off. what am i doing wrong? or what is the issue?

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  1. The other answerer is right.

    The towel trick is a gimmick. The RROD is caused by your system overheating and the parts melting. By doing the towel trick, you’re only melting the parts even more, just screwing over your 360 more and more every time you do it.

  2. DO NOT DO THE TOWEL TRICK! Email me at [email is not allowed] and I’ll walk you through step by step on how to fix your xbox.

  3. you are KILLING your xbox. you are severely overheating it. DO NOT do the towel trick. you will break it beyond repair. if it is not already.

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