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How do I free space in my ps3?


I want to know how to do it before it ever comes to the point of my console telling me the *Not enough space* error.

Can you tell me where do I go in my ps3 where I can clean everything NOT the trophies or anything like that. I just want to clean out the useless things!

Thanks for your answers!

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  1. Trophies are saved to the PSN server, so it isn’t possible to delete.

    Anyway, you have two options:

    1. Delete stuff you don’t no longer play/use (like game installs which are found in Game Data Utility *this takes up the bulk of memory*, game saves found in Saved Data Utility (PS3), any pictures, music, movies you may have installed on the system, etc. You delete things by clicking Triangle > Delete > Yes. That simple.

    2. Just get an external HDD (formatted to FAT32) at least the same size as your PS3’s internal HDD, do a full back up of everything you have on the system with the Backup Utility, get a bigger internal HDD for your PS3, swap the HDD, and simply Restore all your stuff back onto your PS3, but with more space than before. The system can support up to 650GB, so just up the internal space and you won’t have to worry about that not enough space crap anymore because you’ll have a ton of it that won’t run out for years. The PS3 MUST have a 2.5″ Serial ATA 5400RPM HDD. Anything else can terminate warranty and/or go against the Terms of Service which would make Sony not fix your PS3 for you if you put anything different than what THEY know the system needs. So listen to ’em.

    Hope that helps. You’re welcome.

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