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how do i install a seperate operating system in a PS3?


i think i’d like to get a 60 or 80GB PS3 and use as i would a computer. I’ve heard that it would be best to install a seperate operating system on the PS3. what do you think? how would i install it and what would be the price? i only need the computer for the internet and movies, but could i use a program like microsoft word?

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  1. If you have another computer I actually suggest against it. You can watch movies and surf the internet on the PS3 already, so why bother.

    But in order to install another OS you’ll need a bootloader and the actual “other” OS on a DVD, you’ll also need a Keyboard to use for installaton.

    The recommended “other” OS is Yellow Dog Linux. There is a version especifically designed for the PS3. I don’t have a link for the download but just google Yellow Dog Linux v5, or something of the sort, along with a download ther should also be some sort of instructions in there.

    I actually tried to do this, and didn’t manage to get it to work, it wasn’t easy for me. Maybe you’ll get it to work.

    The other OS will be free, since it is Linux. However the other HDD will cost you money. I have a 160 GB HDD and that cost me 100 USD.

    Hope this info was helpful.

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