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How do I play Xbox 360 in High Definition?


I have an Xbox 360. For a couple months, I was playing on a regular tube TV. Then I got a 42” LCD TV (SAMSUNG). I hooked the Xbox up to the new TV and it looked better than on the tube TV. But then about a month later, I realized that the switch on the audio/video cord was still on TV. So I switched it to HDTV. It didn’t really feel like I’d changed anything. But I turned the Xbox and the TV on and I started playing. It didn’t look any different :(. What should I do?

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  1. As others have pointed out there are on some systems two sets of video cables out of your xbox (unless you have the HDMI output). There is a normal yellow RCA connector that just goes to one input on your TV it is a standard video out cable. If you have using this then you probably won’t see a difference. There are also 3 connectors that are on that same cable from the Xbox each connector is grey with a colored ring on it. Blue, Green, and Red. They are composite video out from your 360 and go into a composite video in on your TV. Plug these 3 cables in, disconnect the yellow connection. Make sure that the switch on the side of the video output Cable is set to the high definition selection and you should see a huge difference. There is one more setting in the dashboard that you will need to go and program set that to 1080i I believe. You should be (hopefully) amazed at the difference. I know that on some of my games the definition is so good that I cannot stand and game at the same time without feeling a little woozy (is that really a word?) because of the motion on the screen. Good Luck

  2. Its very simple. With the Xbox 360 you have two pairs of cables. One are for normal tv and the other pair for HD tv. This website shows the HD cable ([url is not allowed]) so you could compare yours to these. If you don’t have these then you need to buy them but they come with every single xbox 360 system and have came with mine to. So after you get the right cables plug them into your HD tv and change the switch on the audio/video cord to HD.

  3. buy a HDMI cable if you want the best cables you can get it’s gonna cost you there called monster cables

  4. You need to go to system settings on the XBOX and change the display quality to HD as well

    Alternatively buy an HDMi cable and use it

    EDIT: When you switch the switch to HD, you also need to use the additional 3 cables on that connection

  5. use an HDMI cord if your already have one go to settings on the dashboard and then to TV settings and there you can switch it to 720p or 1080p whichever your TV is

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