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how do i use my ps3 controller to play games on my pc?


i connected my dualshock 3 to my pc (vista), in the control panel, i opened the game controller options, there it sould that a ps3 controller is connected to my pc, then i clicked on settings to calibrate it but nothing happens. what should i do?

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  1. im sorry i dont know how to do it but use the following website to know how. it’s step-by-step instructions are great! Also it’s got a forum aswell so if u have any problems the answers are most likely to be in there 😀

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  2. You have to download a driver for it to work. It’s really easy. I was just watching a video of some kid showing you how to connect your ps3 controller and make it work with your pc on youtube. You should watch a tutorial video on youtube and just check to see what driver they download.

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