Home Playstation Forum how long does the SONY support their game consoles?

how long does the SONY support their game consoles?


because im planning to buy a ps3 this year! and i would like to know if they still gonna release more games.

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  1. I would not recommend getting a PS3. They’re coming out with the PS4 this year, and it would be stupid not to get it because they will most likely stop production of PS3 games. They may not sell it anymore. PS3 doesn’t even have that good of reviews anyways (I have one myself). -Stephanie<3

  2. I think it’s wise to get a PS3 if you don’t already have one.

    They are very cheap to buy today and they have made upgrades to the system.

    This year will have some of the best games you will see on the PS3 as the developers are pushing the system to its limits just before PS4s launch.

    PS3 games will probably be getting released for at least another 4-5 years after PS4’s launch.

    The PS3 will probably stay in production until the end of the decade yet.

    We don’t know yet what bugs the launch PS4 will have so I wouldn’t rush into buying one until I know what to expect. We all know what happened to the launch PS3 ‘FAT’ model after it came out.

    It’s also hard to say how good the emulation on the PS4 will be for PS3 games so I’d stick with a PS3 for that.

  3. For quite a while, Sony have said that they will continue to support the PS3 for several years after the PS4 has been released, with new games like Bioshock Infinite, God of War: Ascension, The Last of Us and GTA V, and that’s just this year. The PS2 was also only just discontinued in Japan this year, so judging from that the PS3 will still be around for a long time.

    And even when new games do stop being released on the PS3, you’ve still got the hundreds of games that have been released on it since it launched. 🙂

  4. Better keep your money because ps4 came out. Or it will in max 1month.srry I forgot:D

    But how ever games will be released for ps3 approximative 1year when it wont be enough powerful to run the games.

    So u better buy ps4.

    Sony supports their non portable consoles pretty well (ex ps3)

    But they absolutely failed with the ps vita.

  5. As long as they make money off of it. But when the PS3 was announced they stated that the console will have a 10 year life cycle, if it still makes money they’ll probably keep selling it.

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